For all the confusions and depression ive been getting through in my past im glad that it gives me the direction of my life as what i am standing now, i post my experienced last month here on EP it was quite hard for me to released those words of self confusion as i accept myself for who i am and to love every part of it knowing that behind of those things i worth it all, and now im standing with a hope and courage on myself.
Im blessed to be a part of someone life now, knowing that she accept me for who i am and loved me more than i deserve since the day we met all of my confusion,depression and fear gone, she awakes me from being deeply slept on my past, she made me realized that life is so amazing and told me how strong and brave i am to be trapped from my past, and i felt so comforted as we take time of having conversation each day my falls inlove with her more and more and its not hard to get along with her,it seems weve been through how many years that we never felt any distance between us, she's one of the greatest gift ive ever received , what i felt each day with her is so inspiring i never felt this way on my whole life ever i loved her so much. And actually i met this lady here in EP ,you knew who you are and i wrote this experienced not for a reason that i want to have title or something but i just want to share my part of being hopeless for a long time but in halfway theres still a piece of missing puzzle that connects me to a greater thing of being loved and treasured by someone whi deserves my love and heart, i could never wish for anything else. I hope that all of us may face each challenges that we encounter each day and keep in our minds that everything will work out in the right time.. :-) God bless us all
fitty22 fitty22
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014