Friends Apart...


i want to share with you my feeling..


i lot f time i feel hurt from my friend she suppose to be the most closest friend every one is talking about how much i love her and i care about her in every single detaile in her life ,i share every thing with her i always buy her gifts i remember her in every thing nice AND the problem i think that i'm thinking that she is doing the same with me ,you know even if i buy abook iwill told her today i......

but she NO No no she is so far from me in sharing things (how do i know)

how many times i talk infront of her about something in her life we r disccusing together and she keep silence about things i'm sure it happened and in one day her we was setting together with friends and one of them talk about this secrete she is trying over days to keep it from me ... WHy WHY she did this

we are always OR i'm always honest in every thind with her , i never keept anything from her and she know this very well she knows also how much i love her more than her ,she know that i'm a perfect FRIEND with her

i think the problem that she think that i will be there  for sure for her i will never get her hurt from me she is sure about this

but now i think that i don't like her any more

she was living with me in one room more than month and she never open her mouth about this thing (she want it to be secret )but it's a very simple and rigular thing wich is not a story how come she shut her mouth more than month while we r together in one room sharing every thing together

i was feeling that it happen and i try to give her one word ,quistion about  this to pull the words from her ,i though that maby she forgot to tell me and now when i give her a hint she will!!!!  BUT NEVER and today when i know it she was setting at the corner of the room silence she don't wabt to face me

and i as i didn't hear what our friend say ,i talk to the other friend about  the story and i didn't give her a face so i will now imbaress her .


i don't know what to do i'm really nervese and i feel that


" Oooh what big time of my life i lose it with you and i forgot other "

" oooh what stupid i'm "

" oooh why did i trust you before "

" i feel so bad about her i don't like to see her r listen to her voice"

silece silece
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1 Response May 29, 2007

I think much better if u'll going to open up everything to ur friend.Maybe she have reasons why she do that & that she'll know how u feel about this.Have a nice day :)