I look around and see that no one cares. I look to the future and only see what's going to fail. No one loves me and I'm all alone. I feel alone when I'm with my "friends". They won't ever hang out with me so I sit alone at home playing video games. My life's a wreck and I just want it to end.
DeadDropGoth DeadDropGoth
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

That's hypocrisy! .. I am not trying to be rude here. You are looking at life the wrong way. Look around, see 'who' need some care; give them some . Go be besides them who has no one to be by them. Holds those who is crumbling in need of a little comfort. Contrary what we may think, everyone, even those we assume to have everything, need someone, need help every once in a while. Remember the movie?!! even Spiderman man could use some help. :) ..... Life is a waste waiting for help and comfort. It is everything when there is courage in heart to reach out for those in need.That's strength. Find it, people will come to you. God be with us mate.

Thanks for that. I kinda needed it