Fallen With You

hi fans ive been so sad latley theres this boy that i care about dearly.i wrote a letter to him this is how it went.

Dear elijah

i heard about your brake up with Ralitsa i hope your okay i said hi in the hall way but it semmed like you were mad at me intill i found out about Ralitsa.I dont want to be mooshy gooshy on you but i miss talking to you were in differnt class's and cant speak to each other like i would like to. i miss you. im writing this letter but i feel like crying. i think about going in to your class and kissing you infront of every one but i cant i miss you ive fallen in love with you i love you.

from me ra  

My mood: extremely confused
Raquanza Raquanza
18-21, F
May 23, 2007