"I Think I Am Falling In Love With Someone"

First of all to be honest I have never been the kind of person to fall in love easily. I am 37 yrs old and I have only been in love twice my entire life. I do not believe in Love at First Sight even though I think the idea of it is romantic. My gilrlfriend introduced me to her cousin and they work together. Last year at Christmas I went by her job to drop off her Christmas gift. Well there he was. She introduced us and I thought he was very handsome. Well I had just gotten out of another relationship that had ended badly so the last thing on my mind was getting involved with anyone. He continued to ask her about me after this day. I just told her I wasn't looking to get into a relationship at that point. She told me he just wanted a friend someone to hang out with and do things with. I have to admit even then I still felt apprehensive about starting anything.

 For the next 6 mos he continued to ask about me and seemed interested. My girlfriend invited me to have lunch with her during the week so I decided to finally go. He joined us and so did some or her other co workers. I didn't think much of it at the time since it was just lunch with friends. Before I knew it I found myself wanting to see him again. We had lunch 4 more times in the course of a couple of months. Finally we exchanged phone numbers and began talking on the phone. We just went on our first date this past Friday and it was amazing! I could really feel the appropriate sparks just flying! It's been 4 days now and we have talked every day! In fact we are going out again tonight. I prayed to God to send me the right man of his choosing. Someone with decent morales and values and someone who would go to church. I have never had that before.  I have never dated a Christain. All this is new to me and I am hoping that he is the one God has sent me. I don't usually have these feelings so quickly in relationships! It's not just a physical attraction either I really love who he is and just being with him.

 I am out of practice for being in Love well that deep passionate heart felt feeling of being in Love.  l haven't even been in love with most of my ex's. I tend to sometimes get into relationships for companionship or out of being lonely. I  am kinda scared of my own feelings right now so I am trying to take it slow. Wish me luck I think he may be the one!

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not to be the 'party pooper' of the bunch, however, i think i'd allow the 'newness' to wear off a bit before assessing my feelings. in the beginning, whether good or bad or what's to come, things are always so intense and difficult to pin point. don't jump before at least putting your toes in the water... me? i have to test the depth of the water, what the bottom surface is made of, how high off the water i am to jump from, i have to know if i'm to do some kind of trick dive, i need to check wind velocity, etc. perhaps i'm a bit too careful?

Awwwww I think I'm in the same situation.... I came out of a 10 year relationship and after I got out of that I swore that I wouldn't get in a relationship and would just casually date for a while.... now almost 3 yrs later I start dating this great guy....like everthing that I want...almost too good to be true! Now I'm actually thinking about settling down again??? Sheesh! LOLOL! Good luck and congrats!

Look at all this friends' support going on here! lol. Everything has been said already, so... DITTO from me to you!

Sounds awesome! I wish you luck, sounds promising. I am happy and hopeful for you two. Take it slowly and let the feelings develop. Have fun, I am rooting for ya!

Sounds awesome! I wish you luck, sounds promising. I am happy and hopeful for you two. Take it slowly and let the feelings develop. Have fun, I am rooting for ya!

awesome!! hope this guy is the one for you...if he was someone you just met and were so excited about I may think you were jumping the gun but this sounds legit...Best of luck to ya'll!!

ooooo, good luck to you! *hug*

how sweet...Good luck!!!I'm happy for you:)

aww, sweet!

Good luck! I think you are lucky to have found someone whose values are aligned with yours, that can be very important thing!