They Don't Believe Me..

I'm really good at taking pictures, and I've come to terms with the fact that I have a pretty face...and that's about it. Guys have commented saying how "hot" I look, but I don't think they believe me when I tell them that I'm fat...they probably think that I'm just another skinny girl with body issues. I've tried posting full-bodied pics of me, hoping they'd get the point, but I don't think they do. And I have issues believing guys when they give me compliments. If they were to tell it to me in person, then maybe i'd believe them.

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im fat and sexy i love it<br />

Seen the pictures. Yes, you're podgy but there's a difference between that and being fat. I'd guess your BMI is in the 'Overweight' range, rather than the 'Obese' range which makes you perfectly passable to most guys, especially the ones who like a bit of meat on their women. <br />
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Do not believe a word from the people who say you are 'skinny' because they are thoughtless 'do-gooders' who will lie through their teeth to make you feel better.

Hello X6rose6red6X<br />
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How are you?<br />
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This whole "being afraid that people won't like you for what ever reason," is a passing phase you will go through in your life. When you are younger, you have certain doubts about yourself. Not to mention what society (mainstream Hollywood) promotes as beauty when a self comparison is made, 90% of us fall short, you are not alone. As you get older, you will realize that everyone is not gonna like you, and you are not gonna like everyone either.<br />
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You are beautiful all over. Angelic face and a sexy thick body. Skinny girls wish they had what you have. I would bet that you turn more heads than you are aware of. When I was younger I was too shy. Meeting a beauty like you would only happen in my dreams. I always thought girls like you always had boyfriends or other guys chasing you, and I thought that I never stood a chance to meet or date a girl as lovely as you. Self doubt an shyness held me back. I was my own worst enemy so to speak. I had to grow in self confidence and self assurance. This came with getting older and being able to say screw what society (Hollywood) says. I then was able to embrace myself and my likes. I really was normal and okay. Society (Hollywood) tries to create a mythological world and promotes it as real. Truth of the matter is that YOU are living in this real world. Don't fall for the promotional hype.<br />
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I can honestly say that if you were around me, you would be showered with praises and encouragement to get you through this phase in your life. If you were my girl, you would have no doubt about how beautiful, sexy and desirable you are.<br />
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TTFN Tommy Lee

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