Gay and Proud

I remember the day i came out to my family, it was about two weeks before christmas, i was 19(a few years ago) and had jus moved away from my hometown, i came back to visit and said to my family i have something to tell you all, i told my mum and her  exact words were" well if it was goin to be any of you i was expectin it to be you"(i'm the youngest of 6!) my dad said "ohhhhhhh as long as you are happy" i got the most stick from my sis who said"eurggggghhhhhh you big dyke!" i laughed.... my brother thought it was great and proceeded to ask me what i thought of every woman that came on the tv! Now i live my life GAY AND PROUD! and i wouldn't change my life one bit, i have a great girl who i live with and we enjoy life

samspoon samspoon
22-25, F
May 24, 2007