Letting Go

After long months of lusting of cross country bud and tack bud, I've come to the realization things are best as they are. Him a young Christian disipal and I a gay Catholic, its better to just face reality. He's had me over to his service and I've got to see the real him. But that day i accepted it. I cant have feelings for Austin, his perfection deserves a faithful christian gal, not a "sinful" partner. He's a sweet, gentle, god loving guy and I'm just lucky to be part of his life. I fear if i open up i will destroy what thin bond he stand upon. But i feel he must soon know who i really am. Truth strengthens the relationship right? If things go wrong, so be it. To know how he feels with the real me will allow me to move further on and let go. Austin thank you for allowing me to be there and sharing smiles. Thanks for being you, Austin Broom.
brianrey brianrey
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I think most of us have been there. that does not make it easier for you now. Just know that I understand for you.