Ok so last night I had a party at my house. Everyone was having a good time drinking/smoking. As the night came to a end a friend of mine was going to stay the night because he was too drunk to make it home. (He was the only one who stayed the night) I don't remember the exact details but we ended up in my bed under the covers, just talking. As we started getting ready for bed I had said something to him (I don't remember what it was) but it was enough to convince him to start messing around we me.. We both were drunk and we both were participating so it wasn't one sided at all. We went at it for awhile starting at first base then second, then third and we finally hit a home run as the sun began to rise. Ok so the question I have is this guy is engaged and suppose to be getting married next month, I'm gay (but he doesn't know that) how come it didn't take that much convincing on my part to get him to go all the way with me? How come he was willing to hook up with the same gender? He said he's never done anything like that before with another guy and clams he's straight, but he seemed pretty knowledgable through the night as we were messing around. Anyways after we were done we fell a sleep for a little, then he woke up and fell asleep on the couch in the living room (I'm guessing so my room mate didn't see him in my room) I think this might have caused some issues for our friendship.. Do you think he's gay/bi

Plz help!
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you were both drunk

Probably just curious.