Growing Up In A Gay City ( LA)

I remember being 15 and sneaking out of my room every Wednesday night to go clubbing at an all ages gay club in Hollywood. My first gay bestfriend I met in high school. I remember meeting him at ROTC and just happened to casually hang once in a blue moon. One day my very good friend found gay **** and we were looking through the magazine at school. I remember pretending I wasn't that interested in the gay ****. But In reality I was so curious because that was the first time I've ever seen gay ****. My to-be gay bestfriend ( Chris) approach is and wondered what the fuss was about. Interestingly enough he was more into the gay **** than I was. I car remember exactly how we started hanging out more but at some point we both asked each other if we were gay. Once we both admitted it to each other we pretty much Became good friends. One day he asked if I wanted to go to a club with h at night. I told him my parents would never let me out at night so he suggested I sneaked out. One Wednesday night ( which eventually became every Wednesday night till I turn 18) I would wait until my parents went to bed, put my pillows in my bed and make a " body" as If though I was sleeping. Sneak out through the back door and meet Christ at the bus stop on our way to the gay club. Their were tons of gay boys. HOT ones . They weren't like the typical " chubby, queeny, theater" gay boys. These were hot, in shape. Fun gay boys. Little did I know I would get to know just about everyone in that club. Every Wednesday the same boys were at the club. Through the club scene I met my first boyfriend. I learned what love was an also learned to not trust gay boys. Met some amazing guys. Learned that even within the gay community theirs a hierarchy. Where the transponders were at the bottom and most gays look down on them. I had a few male prostitute friends. They were some of the nicest people I've met. I also had some homeless fitness. Who came out to their families before 18 and were kicked out of their homes and now were on the streets. I learned the beautiful part of having sex. 3 ways, orgies and making out in the dance floor. I learned I was extremely lucky to experience and have gay friends aroun me. Yet having gay friends mean drama: watching male prostitutes giving bjs for $20 dollars to get into the clubs or buying alcohol. Friends in abusive relationships. Experiencing my first heartbreak and still having to see him in our social group of friends with the guy he left me for. When I look back growing up in a gay city so open and having the opportunity to experience something that Many other gay boys won't be able to till they move to a bigger city has thought me to appreciate my life and the experiences that have shaped me .
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You describe human life and even the gay existence is not perfect.

I understand what you went through.

Love love love gay sucking, gay **** and gay men.


omg i so enjoy reading your story!!! would love to experience wat u had... except the heart bk pt.. nevertheless those was all experiences n its like when u look bk u can laugh it off n u can make decision based on those club experiences for the future... have no regret! feel free to add me on ep n lets chat!!!

I'm gay. I knew it when I was about 14 or so. At that time and where I was and who my parents were, you could come out or even meet other gay guys. So, I've been pretending I'm straight, for over 40 yrs! I just started having sex with other men. It's fabulous!! I missed so much when that I could have had when I was younger, given the chance. I was hot, an athlete and would have had my pick of partners. Oh well, better late than never! Thank you internet and websites like Adam4Adam.

I love sex with men but not sure if that makes me gay...I started at 14 and now I'm 45....still love it....I'm not open about it and I'm lucky to have some like minded buddies close by that are are also safe and just enjoy yourself.

Thanks. Don't know if that makes u gay. Maybe bi. It's so much better than with a woman don't you think? U got regular buds? So that u don't have to look around? R they married too ? How did u find them? Merry Christmas

Yes it is way better with a guy and I do have a few regular buds one is married we worked together years ago and kinda just figured each other out one is divorced and one is openly gay all are cool and discrete

Wish I could find some regular guys like you. Preferably I would like married guys that are gay there are some out there it's just trying to find them and then find the time to be with them so that our wives don't suspect we are gay. I found one down in Illinois, I'm in Wisconsin so can see him when I'm traveling on business but that is going to be intermittent at best. I found another on Craigslist locally but we just have not been able to find a time to get together. We may be able to do so here between now and the new year but then after that I'm not sure what will happen. I want to stay married and love my wife as my best friend but need to have sex man to man to retain my sanity. We'll see what happens the next two to three months will determine if I can find guys that will be able to help me in my sex life or if I get frustrated and give it up entirely. Merry Christmas to you and hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year

Merry Christmas to you too brother....good luck and stay in touch👬

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Man you are lucky and at least you realized how fortunate you were in the end

I'm gay, never experienced something interesting as that though.

We need to talk!!

used to live in LA, but it was not so cool and open as it is now. Back then, our parents, older generations were not supportive of gay people and then you'd be singled out and you better not bring gay **** to school or youd literally be tracked down tortured and killed in a back alley after school. And no, gay people were not as fine as they were now so yeah, you guys pretty much have too much of a good thing. I'm jealous, but also thankful i didn't get into the scene I'd definitaly have some sort of disease because even now I can't control my hormones, back then, my hormones were 99% of my personality.

You and me both man. Im a generation older than you and from small town midwest. I wish i'd been born the last generation and I could have been myself, found a life partner and been HAPPY! As it is I'm married to a woman, sigh, and have two kids. I am finally stepping out and having sex with other men lately. So So SWEET! Just like the guys *** that I had this noon!! Great hook up. Thank you internet!

I used to live in socal, so much judgement on my end tho

I will do it with u

So did I but now I live in Michigan

let god and Christ shape you, choose different and live different


God made us Gay. We did not choose to be Gay. How we live is a different story. I'm married to a woman, over 30 years now. Two kids and a grandson. I've been for the most part miserable not being with another man. Does this make me somehow more "holy" then the kid above? I think not. I'm a Christian. I go to church. I do not judge. God will when we meet him face to face. We have all fallen short. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

OMG, Please leave YOUR deities and myths out of OUR sex lives. It is a conflict of terms and a major contradiction psychologically to be gay AND remain brainwashed by any of the hideous, manmade abrahamic monotheisms.

I was raped in hollywood. I was offered a role in "harry and the Hendersons" and the director raped me with a vhs tape and a gun. I luved it

Jesus heals every hurt. he made you a victor

Did you enjoy it?

Hope he raped you with his **** and the tape and the gun were just props. LOL. There is rape, and there is rape after all!

Yea, being gay is a lot like life in general, but gay guys get to enjoy a lot more sex than heteros. It is so much fun and the sex is endless and great, and if you can just not get hung up on the monogamous hetero idea and just enjoy the sex with lots of guys, you'll make close friends and find lots of lovers. But ALWAYS practice safe sex anally!

if you live only to satisfy the flesh you will die, but there is a meaningful life given to us in Joh 3-16

because we all need one another, and you are important to me, because when i connected to god through jesus i found my worth and yours.

im not preaching, and I don't have religion, or rules, but experience, and I am relating to you from that, I am not immune to life, but I have found a living savior who when I reach for him he rescues me, that is my experience, and since you are sexual and going extreme, I am only scared for you and wish tyou a much better life, that way is not good, it only leads to death, but there is a better way, it has lots of sex to, with some one you love of the opposite sex, god made it, but use it right.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Again I say, God made us Gay. I DID NOT WANT TO BE GAY and don't want to be gay. So I'm miserable married with a middle age woman robbed of what could have been a gay lifestyle or monogomous with a gay man. I pleaded with God to make me hetero. I was never molested, raped or what not. I had the perfect childhood, got good grades, was a star athlete in HS, etc. The girls were offering themselves to me. I wanted the BOYS! My peers. I am now finally having sex with men. My wife doesn't know but what she has said is that i'm so much more happy. She and I have little sex. She has no interest in it anymore. I really didn't with her ever accept for the simple act of *******. I thought this would last and last and last. Guess what, it didn't. As I got older the less i can perform with for her, but give me a guy and it's like the fireworks going off. Again, I do not want to be gay. Why would someone want to be so and be shunned, persecuted, beaten, on the outskirts of society? Doesn't make any sense. Were made this way. Hard wired from birth.l

if your life all about sex? what does your parents think?

No it's not. I'm married with 2 kids and a grandson all of whom I'm proud of. I've denied myself zillions of times. Miserable most of my life living the "normal" life. I hate myself for the way God made me. Have hated God for giving me my genetic make up, hardwiring me to be gay. I didn't make me this way. I've only had gay sex in the last 3 months a total of maybe 8 times. It was like heaven tho. Nothing like heterosexual sex as that was/is living a lie. The only enjoyment in straight sex is cummmming. That's it. No cuddling, no REAL intimacy.

My wife is no longer iterested in sex or me it seems. We've had sex 2 times in the last 7 years. Think that is healthy? My balls are ready to pop. You only get so much satisfaction for ******* off.

Does God want me miserable? Why did God make me Gay? It's not a Choice...ask any Gay. Most would say they don't want to be gay. Most would say they've been severely depressed in their lives including me. I've been seeing a psychologist now.

My parents are in their late 80's. My dad has late stages Alzeimers. They'll never know. THEY and religion are the main reason I vent for the straight life to begin with.

There are no bible verses you can give to me that will make a difference in my life. I've been married 30 years. Have 2 boys both of who are very straight. I hope my grandson is too. To go thro life gay in the closet like me or out is HELL on earth.

No underwear if possible, but any I wear I like torn off, really ripped, shredded because I want to be your naked slave and then to be forced on my knees with a very hungry mouth for you (and any buddies) to fill. Let my tongue give you some roto spin on your c*ck head as I worship that special part of you, let me tongue **** your butt hole, eating it out and making it twitch. I nibble and bite all over from your nipples to your *** cheeks and hope you wind up filling and spilling your warm *** in me. I beg, pray and crave juicy ***, the more the better and there is never enough! Then we start over again or I work on the buddies you brought to use me too. Use me for your pleasure and I will totally love you for it. That is what i live for!

Omg lol

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Add @coffeelover123 he is gay.
And looking for mates

Hi, I really liked ur story c: I used to sneak out too when I was 17 haha now I'm 22 and things hasn't changed that much... gay scene = drama xD

Haha I keep hearing about how the gay scene is drama but I tend to stay away from dramatic scenarios lol.. I just want to have fun and meet people. If I'm taking to someone and something goes down , I walk away and talk to some other random group, so drama is not part of my world. Just cite , fun, and drinks under the sun


Hi Im gay too but i didn't come out until aged 22.I grew up in a small town in England in 1980s and being gay was like being monster . I tried to take my life twice during this tough teen period as i couldn't see a future for myself. Until I fell in Love with a Danish boy, this was the first time i felt love and it was so strong and gave me the power to come out, unfortunately I found the gay scene and gay men to be bitchy , promiscuous and shallow.I could never make friends with them... I always felt i wasn't wearing the right cloths or had the right hair,, also many gay men only wanted sex, sometimes i would do it because i was lonely.... after a few years of this I quit going to these gay places, I've always got on better with straight boys... after you have gone through the usual sex based questions you can be mates. I now live with my best and only gay friend who's gay and we love and care for one another but the relationship is platonic we just give each other affection. Whenever I've had gay friends in the past they have stabbed me in the back... i know what you mean about hierarchy , the feminine boys were always ostracized by the pretend he men , when really the feminine ones are more tough as they have to put up with more crap at school. It makes me laugh when I see these "Pride" marches or hear the words "Gay community" as in my experience there isn't one. In a way I'm gladim not cute anymore as i always got a lot of unwanted lechourous attention.

So very sad you had so many bad times. I've been sucking since I was five and love every **** I see and don't want all the strings attached or have to like the personalities attached!

there is such a beautiful meaning ful life for you. don't be a slave to sin, Christ died and freed you, embrace life.

Please save your preaching for those who are weaker of mind, ignorant or fearful. Religions are the bane of mankind and create more hate, death and manipulation than anything else. Can't you understand a monotheism is by definition exclusive, hateful and discriminatory, no matter how candy coated it is!

Luk_5:24 But so that you may see that on earth the Son of man has authority for the forgiveness of sins, he said to the man who was ill, I say to you, Get up, and take up your bed, and go into your house.
I am no longer fearul or ignorant, or weak in mind, because, I choose him as my sacrifice, and you know what, sin does not control my life any more, instead I am enjoying an abundant life. you can be free. it is not religion, religion is rules, he gives grace forgiveness, life and sonship. only take it.

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You sound very sweet

Aweee thank you!! Indeed I'm the sweetest person ever lol actually my BFF Ian is the sweetest of all the guys I know

Im gay as well. I really want to.find a bf but its just not working out for me

Well do you know exactly what you want? Have you tried Grindr?

Luk_19:10 For the Son of man came to make search for those who are wandering from the way, and to be their Saviour.

Stop with the desperate search!!! We are not little faux heterosexuals. Get out and meet guys and enjoy sex with lots of people (safely) and special life partners and friends will appear! NO one and I mean NO ONE will be the end all to your life, but if you are lucky, you will meet and have intimacy with lots of interesting and wonderful people.

I live in new York and I cant find anyone else gay because im very intimidating

That's a bummer! I remember when I first moved to Austin,TX .. I had a very hard time making friends. Here I was this very outspoken , LA boy coming into a city that is full of values , music, art yet I didn't have any of those. After weeks of meeting guys off Grindr and hanging out I eventually met one guy that till this day he is my bbf and we created a social group. Although New Yorkers do intimidate me and they tend to not like me after they know I'm from LA lol

you become what you look at, if you change what you see, you will be changed. look at your savior.

Thanks for sharing.. Your story is similar to mine. I met my bf in a gay sauna. We are now living togather for almost 3 years. Life had never been better for me until i met him. We plan to get married next year. We have also bought a smaller house to live for the rest of our life. Cheers from Singapore.

Aweee that's a cute story! Although many wouldn't think they could meet their bfs in a sauna ( sex spa) unless you mean a legit spa lol

Psa_119:36 Let my heart be turned to your unchanging word, and not to evil desire.
Psa_119:40 See how great is my desire for your orders: give me life in your righteousness.
Psa_119:81 CAPH My soul is wasted with desire for your salvation: but I have hope in your word.
Psa_119:94 I am yours, O be my saviour; for my desire has been for your rules.
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Great experiences for you. Lucky guy! Hope you are still enjoying lots of safe fun!

I actually am! I've moved a bit since then but I can't the same amount of fun I had in LA.. Guys are more reserved

Thanks for sharing that.