Hey, I'm a gay teen. I am going through a rough time at home. I really need some people who can help support me. I need people I know I can trust. I have my best friend but he's going through a lot too and I don't want to like a ton of stuff on him too. I don't want to annoy him with my issues either. Please someone help me get through this hell. I've convinced myself that this could be close to the end of the road for me😪
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It can be hard at times, but so is all of life. Your gayness is really a blessing and hopefully you will come to understand that. Millions of gays exist and we are everywhere and we must stick together, We actually are better, more evolved people and that is why they fear, hate and condemn us. Just enjoy meeting people, enjoy sex and make your life meaningful and productive.

IT is rough to be a teen and a gay teen even rougher, i have been thru all this . If you need to talk im here for you anytime.


Why thank you!😘

Cos i got a lot of gay friends :) and I love being with them.

It's okay Austin. You're doing great and jut keep your head up bro. I'm always here for you man😊

Thanks lil bro. Your the best and I love you❤️ Your a great friend😘