Okay, first off I'm gay. I have a bit of a problem. I dated a friend and we broke up, we recently became friends again and he just screenshoted a photo of me on snapchat. I guess I'm just confused on what he might have meant by screenshoting a photo of me on my story
AndrewFlewTheTardis AndrewFlewTheTardis
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1 Response Sep 9, 2014

Maybe he wanted a picture of you just so he could see your face? Or maybe something else?

I don't know what he meant but thanks for the advice.

Maybe he misses you?

I don't know. I told him I'm pretty screwed up and can't feel the love for him. That's probably it though.

Oh we'll that's probably it he might miss you

Okay thanks Joe

No prob if you want to talk anytime message ne


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