I like to think that live is nothing but a story. Imagine that Morgan Freeman is narrating every moment and every decision you take.

Now, what I'm really trying to say is; like in every story, there's always a plot twist. Events that leave you reconsidering the rest of you life.

I lost my father when I was 14. My mom died 3 years ago. On January 5 of last year my boyfriend died to Cancer. Everyone I loved is gone.

I found myself alone and devastated. I saw this chance to come out to my grandma since I had nothing left to lose. She was OK with it.

For different reasons I had to move out alone get a part time job and go to college. I see some guys my age have it so easy but I don't mind, I like to believe that this burden or challenge was placed on me because I was the one able to withstand it.

I don't really go out and I don't have any real friends. But I do like to listen and help people, I'm glad I found a place like EP. I like it here

I hope I get to meet some awesome people here and maybe friends. I hope I get to meet people like me... all broken and just looking for a nice place to stay.

I apologize for the long post. I just felt it was right to post something. Good Luck Everyone and If we don't meet again; have a great rests of your lifes!
Castagnier Castagnier
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2015