I came out to my dad today. And he said "either U r gonna stop being a f-a-g or i wont be ur dad anymore". I just wanna die :(
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hey if that's like all really true, msg me

oh I didn't realize you posted this so long ago

Hey, It is a terrible lesson, but people have been going through this for a thousand years. Try to keep your now life a bit private and learn by observing those around you. Lots of gays in the world who will be your family!

own life

We dont have a real dad but we got a great dad on hear iwas going to tell my mum but looking what my bf went through i dont think i will we have to stick together all the time

Hehe I have two my sweet teddy bear. I am stuck to you like glue its hard hearing all the comments the bad ones people make. Feeling there watching everything you do isn't good either but its calming down now. Mom is still not liking it but she is not as bad as she was. Everyday it gets a little better.

I told my mom I'm gay and she acted like that to. My granny and some friends are OK with it. I wanted to :( it been a few months and she is getting better with it. I don't have a dad like you but he will get better with it to I hope. Time is whats it's going to take

God gives everyone the ability to love. if you choose to love another man, your dad should accept that.

I dont mean to be rude but there is no such thing called "God"

that's sad

You really shouldn't do that dude, if your dad can't except you for who you are then that's his problems then isn't it. He will have to come round sometime so don't end you life, you've got so much a head of dude stay strong :)

I feel your pain bro

If people can't except who you are then they aren't your family or friends because a true friend or family member would be there for you and except who you are