For reasons I won't discuss I decided to break up with Brandon I hope we can still be friends and I'm sorry for causing you hurt
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Honestly. gays were not meant to act or be faux heterosexuals. We act and need different things. There is very likely no one person who will fulfill the Disney dream of the happy ever after prince. Nor do men take well to the imprisonment and limitations and guilt of marriage shackles. We are a higher development and enjoy many lovers and much sex and many experiences and should be free --read about bonobo monkeys! Gayness is NOT just like heteros who have been suffering under their own delusions for hundreds of years. I don't want a husband!!! I am thrilled to have a life partner of many years and many wonderful lovers. No one person can bear the responsibility or fulfillment or pressure to make me happy, but many people help me live a happy and worthwhile and loving life.

I don't understand I thought it was him that was cheeting but it was you ???

well maybe he did why did you split with him

o I see he he sorry it did not work out

Did you just dump someone publicly?