I don't even care if you see this brandon I loved you with all my heart and know I realised your a jerk you know what enjoy your new boyfriend knowing you, you probably cheated on me with him but you know what I don't give a **** I'm glad I left you I really am I know that sounds mean but idk
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Dear one, please stop seeing his liking and having sex with someone else as cheating. Stop the control, limitation and guilt. Gays can and should have sex with lots and lots of people. We are a race of lovers and enjoy much sex which is wonderful. You are confused by the hetero propaganda and mind control. That is their problem, let's be free of it and enjoy!

You go bro!

your way better than him anyway :) just enjoy your freedom and stay strong for me <3

that's sad why would he do that if he loves you

Damn... ;-; why does this happen to so many people? :(