I'm literally sure most genuine nice people in this world are straight not saying all gay people are jerks hell no a lot of gay people are awesome. But seriously why do I think this all my boyfriends have been freaking jerks one of them only thought about sex the other one if you read my other experiences you'll know and the last one was just so controllive if that's even a word he was always like "Your boyfriend wants to call NOW" and "You better talk to me ALL Weekend" like seriously that's a bit OTT
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Probably because you put on them an impossible and really anti-gay burden. Don't try to imprison them as boyfriends or husbands, but keep them as friends and lovers. They'll be happier and you will keep them as part of your life longer.

Alot of them can be jerks, but some of them are nice 🐱

Most straights and gays our age are like that. You're genuine and that's a blessing. Don't let em get to you, and I'm sure you'll find someone very much like you.


^ all I have to say :3

Hang in there as you are young and there are some great gay people in the world.

People at your age are still finding themselves and do not know how to trust others and they are scared. I have many of outstanding gay friends and I am not gay but would do anything for them like I would any of my straight friends.

Remember being gay does not define you and is only a small part of you and you have so many other great qualities to offer and do not get stuck on being gay

How quick do u start dating them

What amount of time

That's way to short, you would know **** about them

yes i agree with you. many boys only think about sex and when they say "you want to be my boyfriend?" they want is naked pictures .....

We are all not like that my boyfriend was the same but I would never do that to him, I believe a relationship is better with love, truth and respect, sex should be a special thing not just for fun but hey everyone is different, not everyone is like that, I know I am not.