What Does This Mean?

I am good and kind. I had a nightmare that my wrist hurt. When I looked down at it, in the shape of a Cross it was cut open and each piece was pulled back so I could see into my wrist. There was nothing bad about it but I just kept looking into it and I could see tendons and viens and everything looked fine. It didn't scare me but was just very odd. That is not the scary part, when I awoke this morning I was telling my boyfriend about it and right in the same spot was the shape of a Heart, not an imprint it was there.Perfect in shape and very recognizable. It has been hours since this morning and it is still there. I have showed my boss and she can't believe it. What does this mean?
kiagirl kiagirl
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2007

Wow! Do you mean a cross like the Christian symbol? Maybe it's a sign from God, if you are religious. Sounds good anyway.

Because you have peered into your own soul then awoke with the symbol of a heart, it possibly means that you need to look from within for the lost love you once had. You desire something, but are torn between that which you already have and that which you desire. But heed the warning. If the wound is seen as open again, it could mean that you will suffer from this separation between that which you have now. If you only see the heart, then it suggests that you seek out that which you desire and find the true love you need. Possibly you are falling out of love and desire a new love, yet you try to pretend that you are happy, when in fact you are not. The open wound could suggest that you need to let go and the wound will hurt for that person, but you will get over it and scars will remain for life. The closed wound with only a heart means you will stay and make things work but you will always wonder. The choice is yours.

wow that's unbelievabl, well i guess since u saw a heartmeaning that someone must love u to send u the sign