Finally Ended It?

My time with him - lunches... I'm falling apart right now.  I want to see him so badly, take it all back, tell him I can handle this... sharing thing. Is that a sign of how much I respect myself?   I'm sick of thinking or talking about me deserving to have someone full time.  I'm not sure anyone deserves that at all. And in any case, why would I?   What actually needs to happen for me to realize that he doesn't love me the way I love him?  Is that true anyway, does he?  Is he scared of change or is he actually happy enough with his life that he doesn't see being with me as enough of an improvement to be worth the shake up?   I want him to leave me alone so that I can heal and I'm terrified of him leaving me alone.  How will I feel when I know he has actually given up on me?
Sueorsomething Sueorsomething
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I've been there too. There's just no way to describe the pain. I'm sorry...

sheesh,, hurt like that is like no other,, been there,, it sucks,, and no one can help,, john in colo