How It Started...

It all started about 2 months ago. We hardly talk, we hardly even saw each other. I knew he was married or is married. Well one day i just happen to get his number from one of his buddies. I didn't ask for it. that was bc i had a question about a phone situation. Well thats when i found that he was "supposely" divorcing his wife. Of course i didn't believe him. well after that little txt chat that we had i wasn't planning on txtn him again.

Well the next day late afternoon i get a txt n its him. He wants to meet up, but i still think he was lying about his divorce so i make an excuse. Week goes by. He still trying to prove to me that he isn't living with her anymore.

Ok, so now i talk to his mom. He tells friends about me. At this point i believe that he is getting a divorce. He is so surprised on how different i am from what he had heard about me. He tells his buddies how much i'm blowing his mind. He is looking for a place to live. He has been stayin with his mom since he is getting a divorce.

He continues to tell me how much he like me and i tell him the same. at this point i'm so into him, i'm a VERY picky person. he is black n i'm mexican. i kinda sometimes wished he was mexican mainly bc of my parents not me. but i put aside n started caring about him soo much.

So he is completely different from all the damn losers i know in this ****** town i live in. He tells me how easy i am to love.

Well one day he had the most horrible day ever! that would be bc of his damn wife. so we meet up to console him, and thats the day his wife saw us together she freaked out and threaten him in every way. He finds him self obligated to go back. He calls me the next day and tells me we can no longer talk or txt or anything. i was soo hurt! i felt like the world fell on me. the pain was so bad even remembering makes tear up.

I had the worsest week ever with out hearing or knowing what was goin on. i didn't eat or sleep. all i did was think of him. I would find myself laying in bed thinkin about him. Asking myself if he is thinkin about me. Wondering if what goes thru my head all day goes thru his. There wasn't a day, an hour, or a minute that went by that i didn't think of him. i'm was soo into him i didn't know what to do.

I'm the kind of person that i NEVER lets a frown take over me. I always have a smile not matter what. Well this time it showed something was wrong. i would tear up at work, at home anywhere. i had NEVER felt that way in my life. It mad me mad at myself!! I always knew how to keep a smile on my face no matter what the situation was, but this time i couldn't. Just the thought of being away from him washed my smile off my face. i was afraid that he would be the only one to bring my joyful self back.

Finally i get a call!! OMG that brought the biggest smile and joy to me. He told me how unhappy he is with his wife how he wishes that nite that she saw us never happen. That was the nite we started seeing each other secretly.

Now we have became intimate, i love being wit him. all it takes is a txt frm him to make my day great! i care about him soo much my feeling are un expainable. i don't wanna say its love bc i don't wanna make myself beieve that. Mainly bc i don't know how we gonna end. All i know is that i'm doin whats keepin me happy.

I'm not closing my doors for other oppertunities of love either if someone better or some that gets my attention comes along. well my doors are open n seeking for anyone loving, caring, hard working, good sense of humor, with goals in their life. Just like me. Meanwhile i'll continue seeing him till i'm tired of the situation or till someone comes along. =)

SweetLaydee SweetLaydee
22-25, F
Dec 30, 2009