I'm a young woman stuck in a situation that has completely blown my mind. I never intended to have an affair at any point in my life but the affair i am currently having has become my life. He's a few years older than me and he's married. It started off completely harmless, just having the odd conversation here and there. But yet here we are 2.5 years later and completely in love with each other!! He says he wants to be with me but he obviously has ties. We have both tried to stay away from each other but it never lasts. I can finally admit that I am completely and utterly in love with a man who makes me laugh and makes me feel like nothing else in this world matters.

I never want it to end.
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I know it's hard, but I'd agree with those who say break it off. I can't see how this ends well for anybody - you, him or his wife / family - especially if/when the wife finds out.

Talking from experience, make a clean cut. He's not going anywhere unless she finds out and kicks him out - and that's no guarantee you'll end up with him. Part of the allure is the whole forbidden thing. Once that's gone, it changes the whole dynamic. It's not fair to you because you won't find someone while you're obsessed with him. And you are obsessed. Sorry.

Question are you truly in love , or is it just that you wanted companionship and you like how feels in some of your wants ,I'm not going to judge you , but I would advise you check in yourself maybe it's just the attention you love , and also whether he actually loves you ,because if he's cheating on whoever he's with there's nothing stoping him from later cheating on you , maybe there's stress in his marriage and you just provide a good way to get rid of some of it , it's something to think about.

I'm just going to start posting this link ever time I see one of these post. I'm not judging you or him. I just feel you need to know the facts.


I have a feeling family will always play priority to him,as it should, be careful you do not get hurt,,,,,,

Family should always be a priority.. I completely agree! It's an affair, I know I'll be the one who gets hurt. I just can't think that far ahead it frightens me.