I'm lying here on my bed thinking about Mr29 and the amazing time we had 2 nights ago in a beautiful suit at the Four Seasons in Sydney.. And than remember I wrote something while I watched him sleep.. Which wasn't for long coz I was able to write what I was feeling but couldn't post it as he woke up... Here is what I wrote

Another beautiful night spent in your arms.. Another dream like beautiful hours spent desiring each other as if there was nothing else in existence but me and you.. Those beautiful kisses.. Mingling of warm breath as we kissed each other countless times creating so many amazing moments.. You are no one to me but u feel like the closest to anyone I have ever been with.. Your touches melt me.. As mine you.. Why is this, whatever it is..so strong.. So intense between us.. It's meant to be lust.. Plain and simple LUST... But it feels like so much more.. You tell me every time we are together I take a piece of your heart with me... I don't intend to.. As I would lie to everyone and say I don't think you do the same to me.. When I know deep down inside that you do.. We have a life with our respective partners and we can never be. That is the truth of the matter and we both know this but knowing all of this has not changed what u and I have even by an ounce.. If anything it grows.. However much we try and convince ourselves that it will be over soon.. We know we r lying to ourselves coz The emotions.. The desire and the undefinable feeling we have for each other only grows deeper by the second.. To see u sleep looking.. So peaceful... So beautiful.. How can I resist that innocent face.. But I long to feel your touch knowing the moments are numbered.. That every moment of this night needs to be spent making memories we can both cherish.. Forever.. If there is one thing I could ask god to grant me.. It would be to have the strength to love u with all my heart and soul.. As you deserve to be.. I know... It's like asking for the impossible... I guess I should be happy that we have this.. This beautiful night of Bliss.....
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I have experienced these sentiments recently. It's so intoxicating and heartbreaking at the same time. Sometimes I just want to wake up next to this person every day.

you brought a smile to my face for reminding me of a moment that seemed distant in time, but I experienced its sensuality in me.

I guess at the end of the day.. That's all we will have.. Memories.. And hopefully someday when my daughters and grand daughters are old enough to understand what it truly means to be a woman, I might just share these moments with them.. Mr29 brings me so much joy.. It's a shame he has to remain anonymous!!

it feels fantastic when within its allure...