Im So Unhappy

My name is Meaghan im 18 yrs old and I weigh 366 pounds. Im so unhappy that I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about it. I have my first appointment with my weight loss specialist on the 23rd and im so scared that I wont have the will power to change my old habits once I have the surgery. I have tried so many times to lose weight and I just end up going back to my old ways I just want to be happy. I want this surgery so bad im just so scared something bad is going to happen.
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Hi, i think its a great idea for surgery, my name is charlotte, im only just 18 years old, i have just had gastric bypass surgery on 24/3/2014, although i am so young alot of people think "oh my why would you want to do that you have the rest of your life ahead of you" but thats exactly the point I HAVE the rest of my life ahead of me thanks to that surgery. Believe you me its not a decision for the faint hearted and im not gonna say its easy bit it is SO worth it :) i have been big my whole life started as puppy fat and just never went away, i got bullied through school which i then became depressed and comfort ate, its a vicious circle really i eat because im upset but im upset because i eat. I tried every diet under the sun i.e weightwatchers slimming work ect but i would do it for a couple of months and not see any results and would make me lose motivation. I decided i would like surgery as i felt there was no other way at around the age of 14 and for the past 4 and a half years i have been going backwards and forwards to the hospital for psycological assessments (to make sure im in the right frame of mind) tests (to make sure im fit for surgery i.e blood tests, sleep studies, heart monitoring tests) its been a long process and i am yet to see what the future may bring. im a smoker and was told i wont have the surgery if i smoke, it sounds bad but i did continue to smoke i gave up every now and then but did end up starting up again, mainly during my pre op liver shrinking diet, which consisted of nothing but yogurt, soup, milk and water, it was horrendous and i needed the ciggarretts as a comfort, it really helped and the hospital never found out i was still smoking thank god, the day of surgery i weighed myself and was down to 174KG so i had shed about 8KG just on the pre op diet, surgery went really well only 5 small inscisions which was glued rather than stitched so scarring will be quite minimal which im pleased about, i felt a bit nausious at first but that quickly past and was only a little sore and tender, i feel much better now only 6 days after surgery, i was in hospital from the monday till wednesday night so not very long with a bit of rest i was fine, im on pure liquid for 2 weeks and im not doing to bad, lots of yogurt drinks, milk and slimfast but its still worth it in around 5 weeks il be back to eating normal food just small portions :) since surgery just 6 days ago i have lost a further 3KG which has put my weight loss at a total of 11kg in 4 and a half weeks thats about 1st 11lb which is great i must admit i cant wait to actually eat some food though haha, i believe that this bypass surgery has saved my life, i think its a brilliant thing to go for but it takes a lot of motivation and commitment, i wish you all the best of luck, hope this has been useful, if i can do it so can you good luck!!! X

I think that all of us at some point feel this way, it is a long process to make it to the end, but I will tell you, it is totally worth it. You will learn alot about the whole process, before, during and after, you will learn alot about yourself and how to recognize the bad habits you have. You will grow more confident with every appointment if you decide to follow through with this journey. Always think positive, there is risk with every surgery, through this you will begin to learn how to begin to prepare yourself for the big day. Good luck

How long is this process. How long dose it take aprox till u r given a surgery date. As I have my first appointment with the consultant next month.

you will be just fine. remember you are someone that deserves to feel and look good. your worth every bit it will take to do it. i just got done with my phy eval. it went great. yours will to. we can do this!! i know how you feel cause i have failed at every other diet ive tryed, but not this, we got this girl!!! if you want we can stay in cont. not sure when surgery will be but the way things are going i think it will be in feb some time. it would be nice to talk to someone that is going through the surgery . stay positive!!