i feel more alone than ever, i just dont want to talk to anyone. if someone askes me if im okay i just say yes but, im not. im dying inside and i just want it to stop. it hurts, it hurts so much. i just want to scream all the time, it so hard getting up every morning and trying to smile and act like everthings perfect and normal but, its not. nothing is, nothing has been for a long time and i just want it to stop. i want everything to change, everything about me to change. i hate myself, the persone i am, the way i am. i just want it all to go away, why wont it go away? why wont everything just go away? why wont people just leave me alone? IT HURTS, IT ALWAYS HURTS!
lostsolee lostsolee
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I feel exactly the same