I have a great hubby and we are very open minded and like to have fun. I guess the main reason we are open is because I would it want him to miss out on any fun expérience and he the same for me. Life is short and full of suprises. We have been together 12 years and opening our marriage has done nothing but good so far :)
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How many times have you had sex with someone else since you opened up? Does he always know?

Nice to see a happy story on this experience finally. Btw, you've been with. Ur hubby since u were 13?!

I can understand were you are coming from with this. My current wife has only jad one sexual partner before me and it is apparent in my sex lives.
So I took her to some sex clubs only as voyeur. She enjoyed it, however she would never entertain an open marriage.

That is z honest statement of intent.
Hope it works out for you both.

Come tell us that after you break out in herpes blisters around your vagina.

add me too plssss!!

If you have a facebook my wife and i have a open minded group you might be interested in message me if you would like the link

Awesome! I always love hearing how others enjoy their open marriages. My husband and I have been open for years and wouldn't have it any other way.