Married Man Trouble!

I met this man and he was a very good and interesting freind but i started telling him things i couldnt tell anyone. My feelings bagan to change and i started to cry every time i saw him can anyone help? I used to give him massages and talk about everything he used to tell me things too he even said i was very pretty i thought it would go away but i love him so much it hurts inside i want to break down as we all had a row and i barely see him anymore and i cant take it. i wrote him some long letters do you think i should give him them? im nearly 16 and i would like to give him them then as im old enough xxxx
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You're young and i know that doesn't lessen the pain...but u still have so much to experience. Cry the tears, feel the pain, talk it through with supportive friends if u can...but do let it go...i know it's hard but take it one day at a time...<br />
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I'm older and currently feeling some serious pain for getting involved with a MM...but i too have 2 take it one day at a time and let it the song says, 'the hardest part of love is letting go'...don't we know it! be strong my sister...

Dont go ther hun, ive been where you are. I had an affair with a married guy when i was 16. He promised hed love me and said all the things i wanted to hear. I fell pregnant when i was 17 and he still said hed take care of me. Then one day when i was trying to reach him at work to tell him i had pictures of the ultrasound, ANOTHER WOMAN answered his phone - NOT HIS WIFE BUT SOMEONE ELSE. So anyway by then i was 5 months pregnant and had my son at 18.<br />
I saw him about 5 years ago and he looked atrocious. I was so glad there and then that i never went back as much as it hurt. Dont hurt YOURSELF the way he hurt you. Move will find the man who will love you back with all his heart and never use you. I did - against everything i went through.

please don't!!! save those letters and when your older and look back at them you'll be so happy you didn't. i don;'t want to sound like a mother, but i am one lol! when i was in my early 20's i fell in love with a married man who was 15 yrs older than me, we had a relationship, sneaking around and the whole bit, i ended up getting pregnant, he wouldn't leave his wife, i ended getting an abortion and it took all that foolish thinking to realize i had done some really serious things to myself. oh the regrets i have over that one... i have doubts about an adult i don't know how old he is but someone like that befriending a teen. it's worrying to me. your going to be alright. search out some real friends your own age. life gets real tough the older you get. don't complicate it now. have fun