Madly In Love !

Is it wrong to love someone? Maybe I should extend that. Is it wrong to love a man that is already married? I feel like it's completely wrong and that I'm a sinner for doing it. I don't know what to do though. I've had my feelings for this man since I've known him. We always hang out as best friends and we do everything together. We play basketball together, ride quad bikes and anything we can.

A month ago I was at his house with his wife and him. I was over to sleep for fun. That night me and the guy I loved went out to shoot hoops. It ended out badly. Well kinda. He kissed me on the lips. I was shocked at first. I didn't think he felt that why about me. I ended out making out with him. We kissed all night. When we went back into the house with his wife he would always sneak a kiss in. What could I do. I was in love with him. I couldn't stop kissing him. I wanted to show him how much I loved him.

Ever since then we kiss when it's safe and nobody can see. I feel bad I think. I'm not so sure. I'm kinda confused about this whole relationship. I love his wife. I'm her only friend and I mean I don't want to hurt her or him.

A couple days ago he tried to have sex with me. I knew then that this was going way to far. I told him that we couldn't kiss anymore. I went home and I laid on my bed thinking about his family. I knew I had been doing the wrong thing. He had a wife and two kids. I couldn't bare to watch his kids grow up without a Dad.

The next day we met at a place and he told me he cried the whole night. He didn't ever want to leave me. He wanted to be with me forever. He told me no matter what his heart belonged with me. I couldn't stay there and talked to him. I just wanted to kiss him again. I couldn't get over my love for him.

Today I randomly met up with him. His wife wasn't with him so he gave me a hug and held my hand. I stood there looking at the ground. I was heart broken and I knew he was too. He kissed my forehead and said "One day I'll make you mine my one and only true love."

I'm am forever going to be confused and feel guilty. I'm in so much trouble and I need so big help! I have no idea what to do since he is the love of my life as well!
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you should feel bad....especially being in her home, around her children.. very disrespectful and karma sucks

Looks like you're a very young girl. It is best that you walk away from this fam once and for all. Trust me, I've been in a situation similar to yours. And believe me that at the you'll only end up hurting youself! Walk away right now. The more you dig your hole the harder for you to get out of. Plus, he does have a wife and kids. And does he really loves or cares for you like he says he does or is he just trying to get under your pants?
Men will say exactly what a girl wants to hear in order to get what they want! You're young look for someone that will be with you 100%. I find it hard to believe that he would leave his family soo easily. He won't! Trust me YOU DON'T want to be the OTHER WOMEN! It hurts like hell! If you think you're hurting right now your pain will only get worst the more deep into you get. Friend you deserve better. Give them a chance to be a family. Stay strong and think straight! Best wishes.