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Written on November 18th, 2012
So I posted a story in another group about my reoccurring citations of 333. They started happening not long after I met my married man.
I didn't think too much of it until I visited his home town and the exit for his hometown in Georgia was #333. I had planned in getting a tattoo soon something relating to him and after all the things I can associate with 333, had decided to get that # in a small inconspicuousplace.
Now connecting this-we had a major blowout last night. Pretty intense. He doesn't agree with a certain thing I do, and there is something he does that breaks my heart. That's what the blowout was over. I sent the last few texts in the fight and they were pretty nasty. I have made no move to talk to him today nor has he tried contacting me. This is unusual for us because we talk on a daily basis.
Anyway. My girlfriend's daughter had a birthday party today. She lives an hour from me so it's a bit of a drive. I was on my way home contemplating what to do next. End this all together or stay and put up with certain things because of how much I do love him. I had no concrete decision in my head. Just utter confusion today. Harder to see clearly because we spent every day from last wednesday through Saturday together at some point. Saturday we spent almost the entire day together.
So, I get cut off in traffic. Older classic American car. I started to get angry-but something caught my eye and I just got lost for a minute in a daze. The license plate of the car?-333 GA. (If you havent figured out by now-Georgia is also my nickname for him).
What in the hell am I supposed to think about that? Not JUST 333, but my number connected with him. I'm further thrown into a state of confusion after this. I'm very big on people seeing signs. I think things are put in our face for a reason, but this reason I have NO clarity on. Was that a yes end it, because that's what I was thinking about. Or was that an all roads lead to home kinda thing? I've always told him he feels like home to me.
I am SO confused. And just have an eery sensation after that that I just can't shake. I mean, not only was that the license plate, but this car cut me off and was right in front of my bumper. It was like saying-"Hey, look at me!" That car stayed in front of me the ENTIRE way home, only losing sight of it when I finally got off on my exit.
I wish I knew or understood what it meant. I'm fighting in my head to not be the one to break and text him. I got hurt extremely bad last night. This is his issue to fix. But I want so bad to share this with him. It just seems so amazing to me.
I took several pictures while driving behind. As soon as I hit post on here, I am going to change one to my profile pic so anyone interested can see too. I would upload all of them, but don't know if there is a place on EP to do that.
I thought typing this out, talking about it, would help. But it didn't. Instead I'm just more confused and still hurting.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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1 Response Nov 18, 2012

very strange that this would be the story posted here to day. It looks like it is a little dates, bu tmy friend and I just looked up the number three in the boookstore today..if you keep seeing the number three it means a male figure head that has passed on ( like Jesus, Mohamed or a saint..) is watching over you..not sure how the number three three three changes that ..somewhat into numerology at one time but have not looked at it for a while...ok now my thoughts are is this a message for you , for me or for both..
How are things going on now? btw georgia sounds fantastic as a place to be ..