Lately I have been analyzing the relationship I have with my MM and I decided that I would start living my life and not feel like a hermit. I was asked out by a guy and went out on a date and the date was incredible. I thought for a moment that I found someone that not only do I connect with but could also give me the attention I need. Or, so I thought. During our third date I get a text from his wife and I was in complete shock. I can only imagine that she looked at the cell bill to find my number and texted it to see who it was. I immediately confronted him and he had the deer in the headlight look. I bid him farewell and we went our separate ways. The worst part of it was that on our first date I asked him if he was married and he explicitly told me that he has been divorced for two years. I already have a MM in my life and I definitely don't need another one. It just made me sad because for a split second I thought that I found someone that could love me and it didnt have to be a secret. This definitely set me back but I am determined that I will find that man, a single man that will give me all the attention and love I need and want.
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41-45, F
Dec 1, 2012