The dictionary annotates that the definition of borrowing is taking and using something that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it. We can apply that same concept to the time being spent with a married man. The moments that we are together I am merely borrowing him and although I don't want to return him I must. Recently I sent him an email explaining how borrowing and waiting has taken over my mind lately. I hate saying goodbye to him when our time is up and he has to go home. All I seem to do is wait. I wait for his emails, I wait for his phone calls, I wait for that one sign that he still loves me and is at least thinking about me. While Im waiting I try to keep myself occupied so I wont have to think about him so much. However when I get too preoccupied with something and dont email him back in a timely manner he is the one that gets upset. I really dont understand how he can be so jealous when he sleeps with her everynight while I sleep alone. To be honest I have been looking for someone. I need more than 4 hours every other Sunday. I need more than a phone call ever other day. I am hoping to find man that can show me what a normal relationship is. Until I find him I am not going to stop borrowing my married man.
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I borrowed and tried to steal and his wife wasn't very happy. He says he belongs to me but has a funny way of showing it. Been 6 weeks since his wife found out and I haven't heard one word from him. I did see him at an intersection about 2 weeks ago and he waved.....lucky me. Hang in there....the road out of this mess is hard no matter which direction you go.

You deserve someone that give you more. But I understand your struggle. I borrowed and have now returned.