Another Lonely Night...

I know that I should expect it but still after all these years I wait for him...No show no call.. At least I got a Text message.

Yep.. A text message. I rushed home from work. Cleaned up my house. Arranged for the kids to spend the night at a friends house.

I got a text message...

I planned and cooked an exquisite dinner. I let the wine breathe... I lit the candles.. romantic jazz on the stereo.

I got a text message...

I curled my hair, put on lipstick, plucked my eyebrows..

I got a text message...

I painted my nails, my toes, sprayed perfume on the bedsheets...

I got a text message...

I shaved my underarms, my legs and my hootiehoo!!!

I got a text message...

I'll cry myself to sleep...because I got his text message

"gotta stay home and argue with the wife. Love you will try another night"

**** his text message!!!!!


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It's ur life & ur choice. Good luck ..... I hope u find happiness .......

Those nights happen to me too. I thought I would never ever be in a relationship with someone attached, but here it is. I have been in my relationship since Feb 2011. I didn't seek him, he sought me. I didn't tell him I love you, he told me. Everything was up front. He could be everything to me but my man. I accepted. Truly, it is all on me. I love him so much. God help me get through this or get out :(


Don't let the haters get to you. They don't belong on this thread. No one can understand unless they have been in our shoes. Been almost two years for me..... I'm still trying to figure out how to let go of him.....

I know where you are coming from. I am in your boat and have felt that pain many times. Best way I can describe the situation that you have to realize is that you are living life on borrowed time. I have "been" with B for over 2 years. In order for this to last you have to come to a lot of realizations and do a few things to protect yourself. First you need to ask yourself is the sex that good. With that being said you need to realize that no matter how much he loves you and how great the connection is he will never leave his wife, especially if there are kids involved. Once you realize that you can look at it as what it is, you found a best friend who you have really great sex with (without the great sex the letdowns and the longing are not worth it). Always keep a step back form the relationship. One thing that B and I agreed to was to never say those three words. Having that line has kept our sanity. Just accept that it will always be like that and make sure the sex and friendship is worth it. Know in your head though moving on with your life is not only key (keep dating around if you are single or loving your partner if that is the case) but necessarily. Accept with the fact that one day it will end and you may end up with a friend but definitely a lot of interesting memories.

Don't let anyone put you down. Someone can't possibly understand where .<br />
you are coming from unless they have experienced it themselves. Every one of us is human and we have feelings and desires and hope. It is not a crime to have feelings or hope for something we so intensly desire. We want to be loved even if that means to be loved by someone who is not available. It is better to love and be loved by someone whom you are in love with than to spend your entire life lovless and longing.

I agree with you 100%. You sound nice, Where are you from? Are you married? I'd like to be your friend. Talk to me sometime. Thanks

Find a SINGLE man to screw around with, most of your problems would be nonexistant..

Does Johnny know your his girl? Just curious

If you sleep with married men that most likely STILL sleep with their wives you need to do more than shave what you call your hootihoo. Summers Eve, Massengill or bleach.

I feel your pain. Not easy to want someone when they're not available to you. The important thing is to feel the pain once and for all and let him go. The worst part is the daily pain...the up and down...the feeling of joy when he's with you...and the feeling that you're going to go crazy when he's the meantime, he's having his cake and eating it too...all the best in getting the strength to move on...i speak for myself who has gotten caught up in such a mess...

Your an idiot.

that didn't take long now did it? hahahah


Please think about his wife and kids. You have any idea how much pain you are creating for them now? I have been in your shoes and i have been the wife that husband cheated on her. So i understand both sides. I had the marry guy offer to leave his wife for me, there were no kids involved and i said no. Two reasons, how could i hurt her so bad and i knew he would most likely cheat on me down the road as well. I really held a lot of guilt for seeing him for many years. <br />
Please move on and at least date other men, go out regularly with your girlfriends and do not break your dates if he texts and says he has some last minute free time. He will learn to respect you more for one will about yourself too.<br />
Plus by seeing you, he is just avoiding what is wrong in his marriage which he should be addressing. Get out before a lot more people than just you get hurt. You will be responsible for hurting those other people, remember his kids and how hurt they will feel if you cannot do it on your own reasons. Do it for them.

wow that sucks, sorry that happened to you<br />
but..........believe in yourself and get a man that doesn't have to lie to be with you

You are in love with someone who doesn't love you. No amount of talking or BS should convince you otherwise. If he loved you he would leave his wife. Anything else is an excuse.

I'm in love with a married man too - ME.

what do you expect????????????????<br />
his wife is most likely doing the same as you including shaving her hootiehoo..............wake up girl!!!!!!!!