Me Too

Its hell. Loving him so much and being #2. He says he loves me and I love him. But I know there's  no future. But to save my life I am addictived to him. I can't walk away tried already more than once.  The pleasure I get just seeing him a little while. He keeps me going. Makes me have confindence in myself. How to leave.. We've talked about it but i can't let go. He says no matter what happens we're friend above everything else. And he wants to remain friends no matter where we're headed. I can't be just friends. I depend on him too much. I thought about seeking theraphy but haven't. Don't know if it will help. I'm also in a relationship with a man who never touches me. Its like roommates. ON the the other hand he has a good wife and I don't know why he's still with me after years.

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1 Response Jan 18, 2009

The relationship you are in is unhealthy for you. It's never good to be that wholly dependent on another person for your emotional well being. You leave but you go back to him. You keep repeating the same actions with the expectation of a different outcome. That is the definition of insanity. Maybe you need to find a different relationship with a guy that treats you the way you want to be treated who is not married. That way you can be number one and you don't have to compete with someone else.