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I was raised by racist parents in southeast Missouri.  I dutifully married a white country boy just out of high school.  He turned out to be a nightmare, giving me bruises, dislocating my shoulder and cracking my ribs on  more than one occasion.  I divorced him and raised my two beautiful girls on  my own for the past 15 years.  After putting myself  through college,  I moved about 3 hours away, and now own my own home and business. 

About 3 years ago, I was driving into the parking lot of a grocery store in Springfield, about 2 hours away from my house, when I noticed a black man walking up to my car.  I was a little nervous and began rolling up the window. He kept asking me to roll it down so he could talk to me.  Finally, I lowered it a tiny bit.  He said, "I saw your beautiful hair blowing in the wind and I wanted to see the rest of you. 

I was a bit freaked out, but after about 15 minutes he convinced me to step out of the van.  We were, afterall, in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight.  We spent the entire evening in that parking ot talking.  We talked about everything: religion, politics, family, kids,history, life in general.  hen we exchanged phone numbers, and I left.

We have talked on the phone everyday since then, and have fallen deeply in love.  Hes from Africa and speaks swahili.  We share every aspect of our lives together.  He is the man I have always prayed for.  He loves Jesus, and he loves me.   Who would have thought that this little white country girl would find true love in the arms of a Messianic-Jewish African?

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I know its a little late now, but what happened to you guys, did you ever marry? Do you care to give us an update?

Jambo! i fell in love with an african man too.. To bad he is still in Tanzania when i'm her in Belgium... hope we can be together one day like you guys! Btw he speaks swahili too, that language is a real ***** :p Kwaheli!

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Just as an fyi, we have been dating for four years now, and are planning to marry. We do things together like go to church, prison ministry, food pantries.

Jambo?Best wishes.

I almost started crying by reading this. I'm too emotional sometimes :P

That's great story =]<br />
I'm really glad that you chose not to live your whole life with a racist mentality, racism is only detrimental to ones own soul and nobody else.<br />

How well do u know him really?<br />
<br />
Have u met him at home the mall or at church.<br />
<br />
He sounds good totally different from your ex and u should celebrate every day u have.<br />
Mayb u do live together and are completely happy,,I hope u enjoy all that is on offer.<br />
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