I Love Kimber James

I love seeing pics of Kimber James. She is gorgeous and I would love to **** her, suck her, and play with her beautiful body.

BarbieB BarbieB
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Agree 100%

never had a real **** in my *** but I'd let her **** me

I want you to think of me and do me like you would Kimber and treat me like a *** ****

that gurrl is inspiration, and she isgorgeous, pretty, sexy and gets the hunks !

Kimber is my girl. She is just so sweet. I think I would be happy forever with her. I like her as much as a brunette as a blonde. It's that little girl impish face and great **** I think. You people have great taste!<br />
<br />

would love to **** her

Now I would love to be a woman for 30 days. Can you imagine the joy of taking 9 inches of hot fat?

meeeee tooooo

I knew who she was and I think she is hot

She is something. Being like her would be great. Although I think I might want a different job, a secretary or office manager. Don't think I could cut it as a **** industry star.<br />
<br />
She is definitely beautiful!!!!!

O my God, I just went to her website...What a babe...i truly would want to be her

l had to go look her up Barbie to see who she was. l got into an adult site. lf she is the blond l wish l had her killer abs.