Wife Says To Baby,(baby Didn't Make A Stinky In His Diapers Yet In Three Days)

Hi everybody, I'm a incontinent 55 yr old that can't walk or stand by myself with out having my wife or anyone holding me up.I wear cloth diapers w/rubberpants and a onesie that snaps together at the bottom of my diapers.It dinner time now my wife feeds me table food that's been blended by a food processor because I don't have any teeth.I'm feed by spoon with a rubber coating on it with a big baby bib tied around my neck.I can't feed myself because I can't hold onto anything without dropping it.I even have to be propped up with a pillow at the kitchen table on dining chair w/arms.Now I'm done eating and my wife cleans me up and helps me out of my chair and sets me on the floor and start crawling over to the livingroom and turn on the TV and crawl up on the sofa and lays down with my blankly and pillow.Awhile latter my wife comes into the livingroom and checks on me.She asked me what's wrong I tell her my belly hurts.Then she checks my diapers to see if I made stinkys.Then she said she was going to get me some medicine to make stinkys, because I didn't make stinkys for about three-days.My wife then went into the kitchen and fixed me a bottle of milk with baby laxative and brought it back to me and sat down on the sofa next to me and have me lay down on her lap with my pillow while she nursed me and starts rubbing my belly.The next thing I remember is waking to my wife changing my very messy diapers 3 hrs latter and my bellyake was gone.Then after I was cleanup and smelled like a baby again I said thanks ma ma I wove you.
anaudus anaudus
51-55, M
Sep 24, 2012