Western Medicine Can Be So Fail

I have always liked to try and work out what to do about a disease or problem when I get one, and have cured or helped a few things in my time.

Woke up one morning in intense pain, like over the top. Found out later I had gallstones, with one obstructing the gall bladder exit.

End up getting an ultrasound, and I can see them rolling around in there, about 12 of the little suckers. The continuous pain was intense, but I was told that all that could be done was to have my gall bladder out. I know keyhole surgery can be done and ask about that, but no, they don't do it. The public health system here in Oz is great, it's all free, but under funded and I would have to wait 13months for surgery. In the meantime, all they could offer was painkillers.

I was not going to have my gallbladder removed, it's tied in with the immune system.

I was not going to be on painkillers for 13 months, and I figured, bull ****, there must be something I can do for gallstones. So I research the net. I so love doing this, always, especially for disease or cures whether for myself or others. I come at things from all directions before I settle on something. I study the western ideas and cures, the herbal ones, and all that I can find. I read what people say about the herbs or drugs, and also all the people who are against that herb or drug. I go onto forums and read the pros and cons. I study the clinical trials and tests, and it goes on and on. I always do things the same way, to arrive at what I think will be the one exact thing I need.

I whittle it down to three different herbs, one from Korea, and a herbal cure from japan, a mix of different herbs. The one I finally settle on though, was one from the Brazilian rainforest. This herb had also had about 300 different clinical trials done on it by various countries over the years. I like this, because I can then study western medicines results as well.

So ok, I order it off the net, a months supply. It's recommended you take it for 2 months, but yeh, I'll see. Its probably ten days since waking up in pain that first day, and the pain is either over the top, 24/7, or I am spaced out on painkillers, and I like neither. I take my herbal capsules, and in 3 days, the pain is fading real well, and in 5 days its gone!!...for good.

I take my herbs for the month till gone, and go in for an ultra sound and I have the same radiologist. I know what the result is going to be, and look forward to it. We do the ultrasound, and the Radiologist looks at the screen, and she is like ......WTF!!!! They are gone!! Thats not possible, because they were too big to pass.

Yeh right. I dont even bother to tell her. What the point?

The Brazilian herb sounds like an exotic Brazilian dancer ha ha.

Chanca Piedra (translated from the word, breakstone)

I've learnt over the years not to even bother explaining to my doctor, he never wants to know, he always has some condescending reason as to why the cure has come, and it couldn't be a herbs results.

Always gets me, we can derive drugs and chemicals from a plant, but if you take that plant, you're just a quack, a looney........well fkn DUH.

Funny how there has been 300 trials done on this, but
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Dec 13, 2012