I Dont Want To Feel Like This Anymore.

I was never that kind a person to open myself with others, I mean I open, but I never showed my weakness to people, so most of them ( I think) looks to me like a strong person, that fights and is always happy... And I confess that this feeling is kind good, but when I'm alone, I realize that showing that you are always strong and someone you don't need help or company ( that you are Ok everyday) sometimes comes with a prize... And the prize is : people somehow stop worry about you...
Anyway, I'm trying to change... but when I see i'm being so emotional opening myself for my friend , I kind feel like ridiculous and weak. And I don't want to feel like this anymore.... I don't want to feel like I'm the one who can help always, but the one that also needs help... Someone to care about me and not be always me that cares about.

If someone share or shared the something, if could give me a tip, I would appreciate.

justsomemedicalstudent justsomemedicalstudent
Jan 18, 2013