Married But Lonley

I have been married to a wonderful woman for 26 years, but she has no feelings for me. I don't miss the sex, its the love and affection that I miss. Just to wake up in the night, reach across the bed, touch the woman I married and embrace her. To talk about the days happenings and laugh and kiss. To walk along the trails in the park holding hands and end the day at a nice restaurant looking into her eyes and to know that she loves me. Our child is grown and married. Now that we are alone. We are really alone. I was really hoping for more at this time of our lives. I don't want someone else, I just want her. I know you ladies are looking for a good man to fill your life, but it means nothing unless it is a mutually fulfilling lasting relationship or you will end up like me. Better to be alone.

FrederickDN FrederickDN
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

That is so sad. I guess your communication is there because it doesnt sound like you are shut down. You do sound lonely. What you've said is the exact reason that I never believed in a life partner. At my age (41) I have believed it will be better to fall in love or get married what ever, later rather than sooner... to avoid, if possible, just what you are going through.<br />
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I hate that people ( or one person ) can decide when to become emotionally unavailable in a relationship. That same relationship that took 2 to build. You should be allowed a hearing of sorts.<br />
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Fireproof is a new DVD, which I have purchased but not yet watched. Saving it for movie night with a guy friend I go to church with.... The movie is about a fireman... and his relationship which has become much like how you have just described yours. It is a movie which is being used in churches to educate couples in the re-building of their marriages/relationships<br />
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Perhaps you can get that same movie and watch it. She doesnt need to know before hand what it is, being a potential "chick flick" she just may enjoy it. Perhaps both of you will take something out of it that will help.<br />
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God Bless you... give it a try !!!!