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give me a cabin in the woods where the trees are tall where the wind blows . give me a place to call home give me a place to lay my weary head ,,,a place to walk a place to talk a place to be alone.. give me a place where i can be me... give me a place to be free give me a place i can see...give me a place where the streams run clear give me a simple life give me what we lost

a simple life a small cabin in the woods were i can just be me
roger1960 roger1960
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8 Responses Nov 16, 2011

if ya find a nice place let me know il come and join ya

im totally with you on this. i live in the woods now, but i may soon lose my place as the state wants to build a road through my house.. and i read the comments about oil and living as we once did, and i agree with that as well. i dont know how long we have, but im ready when it all falls apart. i already hunt most of my own food, and i use only wood heat in my home.

we are working on finding and buying land now ....

the ones around here are taken already did find an old town i have been thinking about

it is a fact we are running out of oil yes people will tell you we have 10 plus years lift.. little do they know that the governments are not telling you the truth..they have always hide the truth , the us government has been pushing hard solar and wind power you ever stop to think why? they been buying up a lot of food that keeps for long term . they know , this don't ask how i cant tell you lol<br />
its time you learn how to live as we once did...

Sounds nice to VISIT but I couldnot live there. City girl all my life and the country scares me at night.<br />
Hope you find your dream place though, I would love to visit in the daylight.

pix your not scared of the dark are you ,,, i would not let anything happen to you,, you be safe

Yes the dark and the strange animal noises, OK with owls we have them in the city, it's the others. I need street lighting and a 24hr shop nearby.

Me too, so long as it has an electric blanket! :)

i see the down fall of the entire world ..

I have been looking for the same thing. I be leave in the not to distance future, that's the only place that will be safe. If this nations econmey fails the people that the government has been supporting are going to resort to violence because they won't know how to do for them selves.