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Id like members to join Newishwerewolf~'s & my pack.Therian's r welcome to join we don't critize on tht.
These are the positions of our pack:
Alpha male~Newishwerewolf
Alpha female~me
Beta male~ unknown
Beta female~unknown the rest of the positions don't have any wolves.I want to get u the position u would like,u have to be strong,have heart,& fight.Pm me or my mate &we'll answer answer any of ur questions just ask thant u! :)
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I'm interested but I'm not entirely sure what position I want I have a dominant wolf but I can't shift it sucks but it doesn't make me weak

Sooo, Kitsurf said u were interested in new pack members? I'm in. What do I do now?

Wht position would u like to be in?(Beta's already taken)

Anything above Omega's fine with me! I'm not to picky, as long as I can fight and defend the pack.

hmm, i might join your pack :) maybe

Ok,it's ok with me,but as I know of my mate's off....

Oh, okay. Why?

Idk,he's just been off for while,& wht rank would u like to be in?

Oh I thought you meant off me :) lol

Hmm, I'd like the highest possible female rank if that's ok (so like if beta is taken, gamma etc)

You can be Beta,if u like,& can u P~shift?(Not required,but would be helpful)

Wait is it an online pack or meet up? Because my mum would never allow me out :'(

Well for those wolves who can't P~shift,or R working on it online,as of now....

Confuzzled :X lol

Do we meet up because if so, I can't join. I can make a pack website though if we don't and you don't have one.

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