From South Eastern Michigan Iso Other Persons

I'm a Bi-Dual-Gender person From Flint Michigan
and I'm here in search of other whom are eather family members and or
friends of ,,,,or partners with someone whom is Bi-Dual-Gendered.
Or Bi-Dual-Gender themselves.
TinaLynnCd4romance TinaLynnCd4romance
46-50, T
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ok was reading the stuff you have written,<br />
an di wish you the best of luck i do understand what you are going thought as my with was a true dual gender peson or the possablity of a parastic twin which they know more about then back in 1947

please define

Rickibrat2 what is it yo do not understand
and what is it you need me to define?
If it would help you out just do a Gooogle search for the term "Bi-gendered"
And there you will find several links that
will help understand what it is mint by being