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I got hooked on women's clothing when I was very young. I did it off and on for all my life, always in the privacy of my own home. About a month ago I made the decision to feminize myself for Halloween and have jumped into the deep end of the pool. I have been out several times dressed in my girl jeans, feminine shirt and of course, lingerie. I joined TriEss, a national association of hetero crossdressers and last Saturday attended my first meeting. It was exhilarating. I spent six hours in my red skirt suit and white blouse. Red flats and earings and of course my best lingerie and breast forms, chatting with my new girlfriends. At the end of the meeting I decided to drive home en femme and I didn't care if my neighbors saw me returning to my apartment. I have big plans for Halloween and possibly the rest of my life. I am 60 now and just loving the feel of being a woman. I have been getting my male in my jeans and a blouse, this evening I plan to wear a skirt. Might as well show .the neighbors the new girl in apartment 102
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You GO!!! and thank you for your courage..I'm still growing mine hahaha although, in tiny town canada, I am out there cutting the lawn on my powder blue with sparkles ( painted it hehe) riding lawn mower in leggings n scoop neck T ha! I love wearing these clothes sooo much omg!!!

Wow U R so brave.

Not brave honey, just too old to care

Good for you, I always wear lingerie.

Woohoo!! Good for you!

Hello new girl. Loved your story. Just be yourself.

exactly what I plan to do.

good for you