I think there are a lot of men who would love 2 be dreesed up as women and would enjoy it but but they dont because they would be ridocould(sry about the spelling)
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agreed totally!! and the more we all dress up n go out the less the world will feel uncomfortable around us, sooooo hehehehe

Im a closet make-up wearer. Dont always do it though but I want to shave my brows and just fix my face, you know what I mean? Want to go out but the ridicule isnt the reason. its all the questions, attraction, false things people would tell me. Love how I look with make-up :D still a beginner

You are on the right track.

You're so right ... but many of those are closet crossdressers, sneeking and looking around for those opportunities when no one is around to crossdress.

It's true, being closet dressers, as I am, but.............I am slowly coming out. My step daughter knows, her daughter, husband. Her friend and daughter (age 15)
All are aware that they might come to my apartment, always welcome, but might not find me in "appropriate male clothing." I am looking forward to the youngster wanting to put makeup on me. I don't, because I do a terrible job at it.

That's great and definitely a very good first few steps getting you out of the closet. And your wish for your step daughter or one of the other women in your life to decide to help you ... be it with makeup or dressing ... could happen. Where if they didn't know that you crossdressed and enjoyed exploring your feminine side it would never happen.

I mostly want the youngest to do makeup. The other three hardly wear ANY!

my wife started me in crossdressing and I LOVE it

How did she start you off