My life growing up was lonley the kids all around would never let me play with them cause I was different. They would always call me names that hurt.Later on in life I went into the army I knew I would get discharged from there not because of being a crossdresser but because I dont sweat not a drop no glans or pores and other problems of health. when I got discharged I went full time crossdresser living as a female or try to. To this day I live as a female in a males body but I have C breast and I still wear panties and bras wemans pants and blouses and shoes. I have to wear a wig causeI have no hair anywere except on my head I shave two times a week.. Yes Ive gone out on the town and had fun at the bars I almost got picked up but I refused cause I was afraid what might happen. yes I have pleased a man before but I wasent sure if I should. Then this year I was reading my transformation book I read about adult babies and I was interested by it yes I use to wear diapers when I was little. I would be a little girl at now I have another intres in comman to share.And Im still loking for a friend that will except me for what Iam Iwill always be a cd /ab. I cant think of anything els to say but if I do Ill let you all know.With love lisa54.
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Kids can be very mean to others that are different. So sorry growing up was so difficult for you.

I found EP that way too.

OK can you Except me as your Friend?

Lisa is it Fabulous for me too for you to add me too? Thanks!!

Fabulous sweetie

Lisa, Let's Be Friends and we can Chat and Compare Diaper Stories, Thanks, Dave