Being A Crossdresser

I have been a cross dresser all my life. It started when I was 9 years old as I would take my grandmothers sweaters to bed to cuddle with. Then I started
watching women on television in the 50's and 60's in various commercials who were wearing sweaters and I started to copy them. Then after puberty and I started ************ my fantasies always included women in knits or me in knits and doing what ever with my partner. Samantha

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you just keep doing what you r doing girl i am on your side

Orion3 probably wants to play with your clitty when he's drunk. Why is he trolling this topic anyway?

i really think you have to much time on your hands and no noy what to do with it. To worry about someone elses doings when they concern no one but the do'er is really a waist of your time. We that do this enjoy it and really do not want to change. Samantha

Orion3 - now how do you know what God says or thinks? You quote the bible but either do not know or choose to ignore the fact that the Bible was edited both before the councils of Chalcedon and Nicaea and those between, and during. At these coucils those who the majority didn't like were cast out by the men who won. St paul himself was very anti-female and changed the church from one that had women leading christian ministries to one where they were told to be seen (covered) and not heard. So we know that the Bible is not the "pure" word of God that you claim. Secondly from what I know of the actual words of the Jesus Christ he is against those who persecute and judge others - those that want and need to judge others get their qoutes from the old Hebrew bible texts.<br />
<br />
I would suggest that you should as Jesus asked "look at the plank in your eye" rather than the splinter in other people's eye. Finally, I think you will find that by concentrating on yourself rather than others you will make a better job of curing yourself of whatever ails thee. <br />
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Love<br />
<br />

i have said all I am going to say on this matter. good bye Samantha

"Oh how funny. Every year more and more discoveries are unearthed proving the validity of the Bible. Yet people keep turning a blind eye to it's truths."<br />
<br />
Creationism vs Evolution if anything zealots like you are getting worse we are discovering how much damage religious zealotism can do to the world and the people in it year by year.

Oh how funny. Every year more and more discoveries are unearthed proving the validity of the Bible. Yet people keep turning a blind eye to it's truths.<br />
One thing to remember, filter your life through the bible-not the bible through your life. Now, I never insulted or berrated you for your actions. I simply left you a verse. You are a child of God as am I. And there for I accept you for who you are. But, I do not accept your life style - and yes, I know you dont want or need my acceptance. - I am no Bible thumper. I have my own issues in life. One being alcoholism. I drink to much, but I do not walk around dressed as a bottle of booze telling everyone how fantastic it is to drink alcohol. I am trying (and have been for 6 years now) to quit and become a better person. No one has to be perfect, we just simply have to try. That is all that is asked of us. God does love you, no matter what you do. But he does want you to stay on his path as straight and narrow as you can. He dosnt hate you for cross dressing, he hates that cross dressing has influenced your life.<br />
That being said, I mean no harm to you or any of your CD friends. You are all beautiful people. God bless.

Hello I really do not care what the bible says about anything. I care about my life and how i live it trying to please myself with out to much bother to the rest of the population. I did not ask for this life but I have to deal with it. For all of us CD'ers we are all the most accepting group of people that life has created. We do not push our life style onto anybody that does not want to have any thing to do with it. Samantha

The bible says a lot of inane crap. I'll believe what is written in it when the remaining chapters that were conveniently edited out are published. Samantha you have a beautiful caring spirit. God doesn't cast those people from heaven. But I doubt even he wants to be in the company of judgmental zealots that make themselves feel morally superior by quoting biblical verse.

Deuteronomy 22:5. The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto the man, neither shall a man put on a womans garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy god.