Not Sure What to Do...

He comes home from work runs through his day at dinner then disappears behind his computer. I am a computer widow and I hate it. I have tried to connect to him thruogh a game but I just can not seem to keep it going and even then its just all about the game it does not bring us closer.

We have a one year old together and I have three older children from a previous marriage. When we where dating everything was great he loved the kids and they him I thought I found the best fit. Now I just wish we kept dating. I love him I really do I just wish it was the same as it was before.

I would love for some good ideas on how to help make it better I do not want a divorce at all.....


SoulDeep SoulDeep
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have talked to him about the time he spends on the comp but to no avail. He has cut back for a short time then its back to buisness as usual.<br />
Does anyone else go through this?

Oh hun, what a bummer.<br />
I know what you mean- my fella comes home and goes straight to the computer too. <br />
Its just a bad habit he's fallen into. <br />
<br />
There's one sure thing that you can do that will get his attention- you know what I'm talking about. Although with 4 kids I bet you are exhausted (lol).<br />
Get the older ones out of the house for the evening.<br />
Send him a saucy email/txts during the day, and tease him into spending the evening with the time he gets home, the PC will be the last thing on his mind.<br />
Good luck!!