I am so freaking lonely! I would just love to have some close friends I could talk with and things. I feel isolated where I live. Anyone want to be friends just post a reply! 😜
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I can be friends

Some things you are referring to and are feeling are so similar to mine I can relate kids from the significant other can really complicate things

Well, you hearted one of my responses to one of your posts, so I guess that counts for something. And I'm something of an expert on being married and lonely. But my expertise doesn't end there. I'm really an expert on being alive and lonely. Marriage is just incidental to my general feeling that life is always just slightly out of balance.

But, I'm a good listener, and will probably provide no worthwhile advice at all, so you've nothing to lose, right?

Me too i am same as you are:(

I want to know how we get into these problems to begin with . I don't think I actually had a friend who I could really rely on or confide in with for more than 15 years . I have work colleges , whom I talk with . But never that one person I can express myself openly without judgment . I am at a point in my life where I know that I will never find a true friend again . But like you , just want someone to talk with and share a laugh or to . Someone who we can connect with . Someone who has the same thinking as us and who we want to share our soul with . My work colleges were not chosen by me . I was forced to like them . I want a friend who I like and who likes me .

I'm in a similar situation!
I'm a female, married 2.5 years, living in the USA but immigrated from Canada. EVERY day I feel lonely and isolated, just as you stated. I would love to chat with someone else who is experiencing something similar.
Perhaps we can inspire one another!

I will listen and try to help. Was married and lonely too. Now we've been separated 2yrs and still share a house and kids.