My Husband Won't Stop Getting High :(

I have a 5 month old baby, a dog, and no friends. Actually, my dog is my best friend. My only contact to the outside world is from my husband and my parents. I have had the most tumultuous relationship with my husband. We are both young, stubborn and say really mean things to each other when we are mad. I used to smoke weed and drink a lot but since I got pregnant I stopped all that. My husband hasn't stopped and I am really getting sick of it. We fight about everything all the time, we can't even have a normal conversation with out it turning into a fight. We haven't slept in the same bed for 2 weeks, he says he prefers the couch and doesn't want to come near me. I live where it is cold in the winter and I hardly get to go outside because it is snowy here now, my husband works all day, and I have no one to watch my son even for a half hour to go outside for a walk. My son is the only truely great thing I have ever done and I am beginning to feel so isolated and depressed. I wish I could just magically run away from this place, just my son and my dog and me. But I have no job, I have no money, and I am scared to raise my baby alone (not that my husband has been much help lately anyways). I never have anyone to talk to and I just wish I could have just ONE friend. I am a good person, I really am. I am a great mother, I truely believe that I am so good to my little man. I wish I could be a carreer mom, I wish I could make my own money and support myself and had a real future. I wish my husband would listen to me. I wish he would stop getting high....I need someone to love me.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Pack up the baby & dog go to your parents. Get into whatever classes will kickstart that career mom thing and make your baby proud. Dad will notice and see what your worth too, but by that time you'll have friends and better things to do than obsess about him.

spend time with him and quit being a nag. You started with the same things.. you changed.. not him. Sure its easy to blame him, but you are the one that changed. If you don't want to puff, I don't know him, but I imagine if you spent time with him that would have a positive affect. He is most likely feeling you rejected him. You need to love him back. You are making the classic fatal relationship mistake - I have you so now change(or let me fix you). Well that is the quickest way to your loneliness. It is possible to be social and not get drunk. Women do it all the time. Then once you are spending time with him again, introduce him to new fun that doesn't involve drinking and smoking. 2 way street and it will work. But once you put that wall up and insult him he will shut you down for whatever you are saying.

He needs to grow up. You do need to be loved, and from what I read you are doing everything you can to be the very best mom. When you said you wished that you could be a career mom....well that right there says it all. If all he wants to do is get high, you have to give him a choice, get clean, get help. For the sake of his family. Its just my opinion.