So Much Fakeness

I was young...still am young. i didnt care about religion even though i was brought up as a Christian. I didnt see him as muslim, hes non practicing, but his birth family is, though he was fostered by catholics. its a little confusing. His birth family, called him up one day, asking him when hes going to be muslim...meanwhile his cousin who is I guess a part-time muslim is talking to him about how great and wonderful her dog guessing shes non practicing too. he said to her i will be muslim when i divorce my wife. i have no idea what he meant by that, then theyre having this long drawn out conversation about islam, he asked her the same question, then she said when i stop drinking. shes an alcoholic and smokes alot of marijuana to be so tiny shes only 4ft 8.

Now lets move on to my mother in law...Hasan who is my husband. she calls him on the phone while were in the middle of eating pizza, shes speaking so loud i can hear through the phone...HASAN ARE YOU DOING THE RAMADAN THIS YEAR, YOU KNOW WE DO THE RAMADAN AROUND THIS TIME! he said...oh the ramadan...could you hold on im in the middle of eating. she says What? and what are you eating? then he says pizza, then she starts going off on him You put that Pig down!!!, how dare you eat at a time like this when we are supposed to fast!!! Hasan how could you?, then she started going off in Morroccan arabic and then my husband starts saying what mama i dont understand can you stop speaking in arabic.

then she goes on the long rant about how he should have learned arabic by now and how arabic should come natural in him, he starts going on his soap box about how could he learn if he only saw them on occassions. omg it was so pathetic. i had to excuse myself. i went in the other room and shut the door. Im just glad I didnt grow up like that, my mom doesnt trust the fact that im not a muslim everyone was scared to say merry christmas for the past few years, even if he was a practicing muslim, he married me as a Christian, and he was raised in another family

I do regret marrying someone who doesnt share my same beliefs whether he be muslim, jewish, catholic or an athiest, i wasnt looking too far into the future, Im not trying to change him...Im just gonna go about my business til we say our farewells he already broke our marriage with his cheating, theres gonna come a time when he will probably become a full practicing muslimĀ  maybe his mom may already have Buhsra the islamorroccan girl already arranged.
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He is fundamentally perfect for you, but he is allowing his family to control him. He doesn't know them, but he wants to please them so he is allowing that trashy mother to have a say in order to win her over. He probably blames himself for her lack of existence in his life. I am praying for you sister. Pray for your marriage, our God is one! And he will see you through<3

I can understand what you are going the same time, your husband is also torn between his love for you and the bonds he has with his family. It appears that he doesn't want to become practising muslim, but he is being cajoled into it. At this time of his torment, you need to be with him and give him strength to be what he really wants to be. He should not be made to do anything he doesn't want to...and he has to stand up to that. He probably lacks the courage to stand up to his relatives, and close the matter once and for all. You can be a source of that strength.

you're right about people shouldn't been forced to so what they don't want but he cheated on her and she's still young she can remarry before she regrets everything when it's too late.

I am muslim. but I understand your pain. about pushed too far too fast. having to do this, having to do that.

if or when you get a divorce, just focus on yourself and move past all this.