Not In Front of the Kiddies

How many times have you ever heard that?

Well, yesterday, the husband and I got into a little squawk about the bills. I called him, a piece of ****, in how he can not in 10+ years pay for his bills!

When we got stuck living with his parents; his father brought it to his mother's can my husband pay his bills if he doesn't even open his mail. He just puts it to the side and leaves it there. Thats how he is!

My husband seems to be against paying for normal adult life bills!My husband's brain is in a time wrap; he is stuck at the age 17 years old. Where all you do is go out and have fun and don't work.

If things don't get better for us in the south; I will leave him. I gave him his chance and he blew it. Now, I am giving him another chance but I will make sure me and the kids will not become homeless and I will not lose my house..................So I will work outside the home and make sure the bills are paid for.

But if his attitude doesn't change, see you later....buddy!

123ct 123ct
36-40, F
May 25, 2008